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Choosing a domain name for a small business is as important as the business itself notably because the domain name is the face of the business. However, picking a domain name may be difficult as it may seem that the good ones are already taken. There are a lot of factors to consider while naming your Best dental websites. These factors include:


Domain Name


Under the domain name considerations, there are many sub-factors to consider while choosing the domain name. These include: specific, availability of the name, relevance, memorability, shortness, domain extensions and numbers and dashes. A good domain name must be available and should be specific to your website. For example for transportation websites, it is illogical to name your website as because that will be too general. For a better domain name you must choose a specific name within that transportation business to make your domain specific and distinguishable. The more the specific your domain name is the higher the chances of its availability. Relevance of the domain name is very important. For example if you are an insurance agent, you should try to mention the name insurance agent somewhere in the domain name to let search engines know your area of specialization. Also, your domain name must be short and memorable. Short domain names look better and are easier to remember. Last but not least, take into consideration all available extensions of Websites for transportation services. Different extensions are suitable for different purposes, while others might be used globally others restrict you to a certain area.




Different domain extensions have different prices. The less common the extension, the higher the price and vice versa.




Domain names are to be renewed periodically. Ensure to enable the auto-renewal function in your domain name to avoid losing it. Many small businesses have lost their domain names as a result of forgetting to renew them.


Privacy of the domain


Information used while registering a domain name such; as name, email address, phone number and physical address is listed publicly as the domain owner. Many domain registrars guarantee domain privacy by barring the information from being publicly displayed. However, it is important to note that this privacy comes with an extra cost.


Domain for Sale


At times you might find that your choice of domain name is available for sale in the secondary market. This is especially when domain is sold at a price above the registration fee. However, it is advisable to register your own domain name.


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